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Sincerity84 (ZN293664)

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  • 35 Years, 5 ft 9 in / 175 cms
  • Islam - Sunni, Tunisian
  • Tunis, Gouvernorat de Tunis, Tunisia
  • Tunisia, Masters Degree, Student


Basic Details

Name : Sincerity84
Full Name : Sincerity Sidq
Gender : Female
Marital Status : Never Married
Ethnicity : Arab (Middle Eastern)
Nationality : Tunisian
Body Type : Slim
Any Disability : Normal
Height : 5 ft 9 in / 175 cms
Weight : 65 Kg / 143.30 LBS

General Information

Location : Tunisia
Education : Masters Degree
Occupation : Student
Spoken Languages : English, Arabic, French
Annual Income : € 0.00
Income Currency : € (Euro)

Regional Information

Country : Tunisia
State : Gouvernorat de Tunis
City : Tunis

Cultural Values

Religion : Islam - Sunni
Born / Reverted : Born a Muslim
Islamic School of Thought : Not Specified
Family Values : Moderate
My Hijab Preference : Hijab with Niqab
Attend Qur'anic Activities : Daily
Polygamy : No, I don't prefer

Lifestyle Information

Living Situation : Live with family
Willing to Relocate : Not sure
Smoking Habbits : No
Eating Habbits : Halal always
Drinking Habbits : No
My Favourites : Food: Arabic Cuisine, Food: Barbecue, Food: Mediterranean Cuisine, Food: Middle Eastern, Food: Organic, Sport: Jogging / Running, Hobby: Computers / Internet, Hobby: Cooking / Food, Hobby: Crafts, Hobby: Education, Hobby: Family, Hobby: Meditation, Hobby: News / Politics, Hobby: Philosophy / Spirituality, Hobby: Poetry, Hobby: Reading, Hobby: Science and Technology, Hobby: Social Causes / Activism, Hobby: Islamic Da'wah Activities, Hobby: Islamic Qur'anic Activities, Hobby: Attending Islamic Lectures, Hobby: Islamic Lessons / Classes, No Music: Islamic Nasheeds (Vocals Only)

About Me

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم I’m a seeker of knowledge, I have a software engineering degree and I studied Shariaa (islamic studies) in an online university. Religion is very important in my life as it dictates who I am and my core values. I would regard myself as practising muslima and I try to be the best I can be in implementing islam. I have a big interest for Dawaa, I’m trying to teach women in a Halaqa in Masjid what I’m learning.. May Allah accept our good deeds. I would describe myself as a caring, honest, loving and an understanding person. Al hamdulilALLAH I'm more mentally mature than many of my peers. I consider communication as the key for a successful relationship and I would like to establish a clear mental connection with my spouse. ‏Even though I’m an ambitious person, after learning more about religion, I decided not to work in mixed companies after my graduation, I’m convinced that it’s not suitable for a Muslim woman -if not necessary-, I think the most important role for her is at her own home, she has an important role outside home too but within the boundaries of Islam. ‏I’m willing to work as a freelancer inshaAllah and be my own boss :) but I still planning for this step, May Allah guide us to the right choices in Deen and Donia. __________ PS: __________ 1/ I'm wearing niqab since 2011, I'm really proud that I made this choice, it's not easy to be niqabi woman nowdays but it's for the sake of ALLAH SWT. I don't know if I'll keep it in the future, it depends on situations and countries, I'm more flexible about this issue but even if my spouse prefer that I take it off to make life easier for us in society, I want that he respect it and not consider it as a sign of extremism but a sign of Hayaa and modesty. __________ 2/ I was engaged but I annulled before wedding.__________ 3/ I can't accept polygamy due to law in my country.__________ __________________________ What I am looking for : __________________________ Education: Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, PhD or Doctorate __________ Marital Status: Single, Separated, Divorced, Widowed NO Married Please.__________ Have children: 0, 1, 2 // Don't live at home / live sometimes at home__________ Drink: Don't drink __________ Smoke: Don't smoke (Willing to stop smoking)__________ Religion: Islam - Sunni__________ Height: 172 cm - 195 cm__________ Weight: 70 kg - 105 kg__________ Body style: Slim, Average, Athletic, Few Extra Pounds__________ Physical / Health status: Normal__________ __________________________________________________ I'm looking for a genuine partner and a best friend who gives respect to relationships.. a suitable muslim man of good religion and character, educated, ambitious and humble. A man who belongs to a good family, caring, sincere,.. a man of his word, who consider his wife as a real partner on the way of this short life to Jannah inchALLAH. Clicking at the same mental level is extremely important for me, I believe minds and hearts need to align in order to have a successful marriage. I prefer that he speaks arabic or willing to learn it cause it's the language of Quran, I express myself better in my mother language and it’s important for the muslim family. My mother is involved in my research in this website. Get in touch if you would like to know more about me.. Anyway, good luck in you search and may Allah guide you to the right path and bless you with zawja saliha..

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