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A Little About Yourself:

About myself:

>I like to spend time with family or friends. Like if you want to do
something you enjoy, I like to join you and spend time with you in that

—>I’m not a social person, sometimes I make things awkward around me.
So I’m an awkward person lol. I stay quiet sometimes, I am shy to talk to
strangers and even with my distant relatives. And I’m not good at having
conversations for a long time. But I like to listen to peoples’ conversations

—>I like to listen to people.

—> I want to love my spouse and be loyal to my spouse.

—> I try to avoid interests. So if any insurances like life insurance,
car insurance, etc. have interest, I would not like to get it. And if there
is a house that has interest, I would try to avoid it. It’s better to buy an
apartment with no interest. Because instead of being the enemy of Allah and
get a miserable life, it’s better to have the blessings of Allah and be
inwardly happy with the family.

—>I like to accept people for who they are, and if they’re involve in
sin, I hate the sin and I’m against it, but I still care about the person and
I still accept them for who they are.

—-> I like to watch videos on YouTube, like animes, Islamic stuff,
reactions, other random stuff, etc.

—> I don’t like to listen to musical instruments.

—> I “dont like” to watch television if there’s a lot of
haram stuff like music, girls without hijab, etc. But “I like” to
watch television if there is no haram stuff in there.

***I have some main weaknesses about myself you must know, like:

1) firstly, “I dont have a job, I never worked in a real paying job
before,” and I live with my parents and siblings. But I do want to go to
work someday though.

2) I stay in the restroom for long time because of urinal problem. And I
put tissue papers inside my underwear because a tiny amount of urine can come
out anytime.So you might see a bunch of tissues in trash.

3) When I pray Salah, I do the sujood of forgetfulness a lot. Because of
forgetting something in prayer, having doubts about about the number of rakah
or sujood, making mistakes in prayer, etc.

4) I’m sensitive when it involves halal or haram food. Like if a doubtful
tiny piece of meat the size of a pea, goes into a giant bowl of soup that can
feed a family of 10 people, I wouldn’t eat that soup. So like, I won’t eat
any meat unless the people says it’s halal or the meat is labeled

5) sometimes I might have acid reflux during salah or fasting. So you might
see me spit a lot in a trash, or on the grass outside, etc. during ramadan or
any fasting, and during salah.

6) I’m lactose intolerant

**There are other weaknesses about me, but I do hope my potential wife
accapts my flaws and shortcomings. Of course I want to accept potential
wife’s flaws and shortcomings too, because we are not perfect**

—> Ok so, I listen to Assim Alhakeem and Muhammad Salah for shariah

—> I like to play tennis or any kind of sports for fun. Also, I like
to spend time with people I care about, so it doesn’t have to be sports, it
can be anything.

—> I like nature, ocean, sea, mountains, cats, parrots.

—> And I hope we can talk in a halal way with a wali if you want to
know more about me.

*What I am looking For:*


Salam, I am seeking a rightious muslim woman who follows the Quran and
sunnah, and is “not” in a sect.

-I really really want a woman who wears hijab OR niqab (either is fine).
Because I know I would share her sin if I take her out for dinner while she’s
not wearing hijab and non-mahram men are looking at her.

-a woman who is Godfearing, and loves Allah first, and then prophet
Muhammad (may peace be upon him).

-a woman who is most of all religious, kind, honest, loyal, patient,
loving, accepting, etc.

-A woman who loves to spend time with me, and accept me for who I am. Also
is patient involving me, and of course I can be patient involving her.

–likes being herself in front of me and that she is comfortable
communicating with me about anything, either good or bad. And I think a good
marriage is good communications.

your wali to message me first. Thank you, salam.*

Another P.S.: I prefer to find a spouse in the United States, because I
dont have enough of my own money to go to another country.*

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