How to Avoid Divorce?

How to Avoid Divorce Amongst Muslim Marriages

The relationship between husband and wife is an integral part of the Muslim ummah. A healthy marriage requires tolerance, understanding, love and respect from both partners to make it strong and happy. Unfortunately, divorce has become more common amongst Muslims in recent years.

Well, it is quite important to keep in mind that divorce should be avoided at all costs as it is not a good thing for either party or society in general. Allah (SWT) has provided us with guidance on how to keep the relationship between husband and wife intact through His teachings and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Muslims must strive to build a loving and supportive environment where husband and wife can communicate openly about their issues without fear of criticism or ridicule. Respectful dialogue between husband and wife is encouraged, as it not only helps to strengthen the relationship but also avoids serious conflicts that could lead to separation.

In hard and difficult times of their marriages, wives and husbands should have their own personal space for socialising at least once a month, where they get together with their friends and relatives and live a refreshing moment, ultimately make them feel psychologically relived.

It is essential to remember that husband and wife are both equal partners in marriage. They should allow each other space and time to pursue their own interests while still providing emotional support to one another. Working together towards a common goal will help build trust and mutual understanding in the marriage, which is instrumental in avoiding divorce. Loving each other is the key to success. This is seen from the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), where he (peace be upon him) always showed respect and love to his wives by expressing it clearly.

The Muslim ummah must understand the seriousness of divorce and take all necessary steps to keep it at bay. By following Allah’s teachings and Sunnah, husband and wife can enjoy an intimate relationship with love, respect, peace and harmony. This not only benefits the couple directly but also contributes positively towards the larger Muslim ummah.

In conclusion, divorce is a last resort and should be avoided at all costs. Through tolerance, understanding and mutual respect in the marriage, husband and wife can ensure a successful and fulfilling relationship. May Allah (SWT) grant us all the wisdom to uphold His teachings of tolerance and harmony in our marriages. Ameen!

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