Getting married in Islam is easy and simple

In Islam, getting married is straightforward and simple. Muslims are encouraged to know each before marriage in a halal way to maintain faithfulness and loyalty that would lead to a marriage relationship. The core purpose of Muslims marriage is to build strong families that can be a pillar of strength for Muslim communities. In fact, marriage is a courteous institution that wife and husband thrive to set up for the future generation.

The teachings of Islam emphasize the importance of marriage, which has been characterized as a blessed contract between husband and wife. In fact, Allah (SWT) has declared it as one of His signs: “And among His signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquillity with them…” (Qur’an Chapter 30, Surah – Ar-Rum: Verse No. 21).

When considering marriage, Muslims should consider all aspects of their lives including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Halal dating can help Muslims get to know each other better before making any commitment towards marriage. Although just dating (without marriage perspective) is not recommended in Islam, it can still be done in a halal way where both agrees to get married in the near future and it provide Muslims with an understanding of the prospective spouse’s character and values so they can make informed decisions about whether to proceed with the marriage.

Muslims should seek help from family or Muslim friends when looking for a spouse. Family, relatives and Muslims friends can provide Muslims with additional insight into the prospective partner’s background and character, which can be useful information in making the right decision when it comes to upbringing their own children in a common and consensual framework.

Marriage in Islam is highly valued and encouraged as part of living a fulfilling life. By following the principles of Muslims marriage, Muslims may find themselves blessed with a loving and committed relationship that lasts a lifetime. Moreover, if they know each other’s values before marriage that would get them better understanding on how to withhold common goal throughout their pious journey of marriage.

The key to success in Muslims marriage lies in understanding each other, respecting religious boundaries and maintaining intimate as well as spiritual connection between spouses. Muslims must remember that Muslims marriage is a lifelong commitment and requires hard work and dedication, but the rewards of Muslims marriage are priceless.

In conclusion, Muslims must keep in mind that Muslims marriage should be entered into with careful consideration and seriousness as it will have a lasting impact on their lives. Following Islamic principles, Muslims can have successful marriages built on faithfulness, loyalty, love and mutual understanding. With the right approach, Muslims marriage can become an enriching experience for both parties involved. Ultimately, Muslims marriage is meant to bring joy and happiness to all those involved. May Allah bless the ummah with proper values when it comes to Nikah! Ameen.

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